Every company, every brand should have a strategy, regardless of whether it is a well-known brand or just wants to be known. There is a misconception that strategies are only for large companies while small and medium-sized companies have the greatest potential for rapid growth, often counted in tens or sometimes even hundreds of percent.

A well-developed strategy for a smaller company allows it to effectively fight large tycoons due to its agility and flexibility, which is lacking in the largest players on the market.

With Cooltronic you don’t have to wait for the director to decide, in many cases time is of the essence. Many projects are dying because of too complex structures.

We will design a full visual identification system for your company. Advertising gadgets, mugs, lanyards, openers, T-shirts, websites, shops, online campaigns, etc. In addition, we will make them for you if you wish, we will support them constantly.

The basic tools thanks to which the brand’s external communication supports its business goals are focused on building the image on a level easily absorbed by the recipient’s subconscious. Your target client, i.e. hipster, graffiti artist, bearded, tattooed, short, skinny, round or bald.

Graphically, the visuals of the company and products as well as appropriate positioning in the network support revenues independently of other marketing activities.


Leaflets, posters, brochures, roll-ups.
Outdoor advertising and all these are elements necessary in communication with the customer. We will make a project and prepare for printing and printing. Everything is done in accordance with the chosen direction in which we see the brand building, i.e. we consistently go in the direction that we will determine together.

By creating a brand identification system, we control the emotions of customers by creating the desired image of the company and its products. Analyzing the associations appropriate for success, we impose them on recipients in such a way that they support the set sales goals.

The essence of our activity in this area is the combination of graphic skills, with the right marketing approach and technical innovation. Thus, graphic designs must focus on the goal instead of on the form of expression, which is important but cannot be in the foreground. The creativity of Cooltronic team graphic designers at the service of your marketing and sales.


It means a visual identity that distinguishes the company and your product or service through the use of appropriate graphic tools in all communication channels that potential customers come across, and supports appropriate online actions on our part. Consistent labeling of products and services in accordance with the assumptions is one of the methods of reaching the awareness of recipients with an information message that we want to stick in their memory.

Good advertising also requires media precisely aimed at identifying the brand and the benefits with which it is to be associated. The amount of information that people are inundated with generates the need to simplify the narrative and influence emotional levels. Therefore, strong sales arguments have little chance of success without the support of the right graphics. In short, advertising is supposed to be “smart”.

About us

Our task is to create a brand comprehensively. Our work in the field of brand and image creation includes: research on the company’s business profile, competition, and market environment in terms of selecting the right emotions and associations identifying the brand and at the same time implementing the assumptions of the adopted marketing strategy.

Developing a way to induce the desired image effects and subconscious associations usually means preparing a brand-related communication strategy.

Starting from colors and typography, defining the stylistic direction and form of advertising campaigns, ending with details of how the business card should look like, so that it is a tool for achieving the goals of a coherent image campaign. All this, of course, we will do as part of our cooperation, our experience and years of practice are a guarantee of your success. We will build communication channels for your customers on Facebook, Instagram. We will produce advertising clips, videos on Youtube.

This is one of the most important forms of communication, allowing you to reach a very wide group of recipients and at the same time giving the opportunity to select for the group that interests us.

We create and manage competitions if we choose a way to reach the customer. We develop regulations, we take care of their proper course. This is one of the important methods of supporting the Customer’s purchasing activity. With us you have easy communication and quick decision-making, a small structure, if necessary we will develop this order at night.