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OpenSolution Quick.CART

Polish e-commerce solution?

OpenSolution Quick.Cart: The Simple, Fast and Secure Online Store Script from Poland

Do you want to create your own online store and sell your products online without any hassle? If so, you need OpenSolution Quick.Cart.

OpenSolution Quick.Cart is a Polish online store script that allows you to easily and quickly create and manage online stores. With OpenSolution Quick.Cart, you can create any online store you want, from a simple sales page to an extensive product catalog.

But OpenSolution Quick.Cart is not just a script. It’s also a solution that offers many advantages, such as:

  • Simple installation that takes just 1 minute
  • Readable source code that makes it easy to modify and expand the store
  • A small size that takes up only 1.5 MB
  • Great results in Google, thanks to the optimal structure and loading speed of pages
  • Trivial operation that does not require specialized technical knowledge
  • Rich functionality that allows you to manage products, categories, prices, promotions, orders, customers, payments, shipping and much more

At, we offer professional services related to OpenSolution Quick.Cart, such as:

  • Designing and creating online stores based on OpenSolution Quick.Cart
  • Installation and configuration of OpenSolution Quick.Cart on the server
  • Selection and adaptation of the appropriate theme and plugins to your needs
  • Optimization and security of online stores based on OpenSolution Quick.Cart
  • Updating and maintaining online stores based on OpenSolution Quick.Cart
  • Moving and migrating online stores based on OpenSolution Quick.Cart
  • Training and consultancy in the field of OpenSolution Quick.Cart

If you are looking for a simple, fast and secure online store script to create your own online store, choose OpenSolution Quick.Cart. Contact us and learn more about our offer.

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The flyers for my company turned out great. I recommend them with a clear conscience.

Karolina Roman Avatar Karolina Roman

Service done perfectly. The logos I received were top-notch. I will definitely use their services again!

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Great quality banner that attracts attention and new customers. I am very satisfied with the service ordered.

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I really like the website

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They made business cards, stamps and flyers for me. I am sincerely delighted with their work. I have already tried two other companies, but this one took care of it... Read more...

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Excellent cooperation with this company. They do their orders very carefully and accurately. I recommend them.

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The company made flyers for me. I am very satisfied everything went smoothly. The flyers were ready on the given date! I sincerely recommend them.

Jacek Górski Avatar Jacek Górski

A good agency and great professionals. They did an excellent job for me. I sincerely recommend them.

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