In this post, I will discuss the implementation of the landing page with graphics.

The main conception of logo project is to provide information about the company that was located in Warsaw.
Animations on the web page were tuned in blue color. Preloader is showing main CMYK color components.


The project of a logo and preloader animation of the site

The main element of a webpage is button helpline which interacts with the user and copy contents of to browser clipboard.
For mobile users helpline script was disabled.
The effect of the logo animation and the helpline button was a color shift that resembles the printing process.

logo info

Main concept of svg helpline and logo animation

The Google map is colorfully connected to the rest of the contact section. Adress details have been added to improve search results.

mapa 1
Contact section view of page

Styles have been encoded using SASS (gulp). Scripts are minimized and use jQuery, JavaScript with external libraries.

Section offer view from the website