In the first place, I will show my custom router with LTE category 6 modem on Linux-based OpenWRT distribution OS. The operating system of this network device is enabling many features. Also, I will discuss the short possibilities of many services and components, including hardware capabilities.

Video playlist (Polish Voice)

Specifications of ZBT Link WG3526


In the first place plenty (512 MB) of DDR3 RAM memory
SPI Flash main memory 16MB chip
Processor MT7621 (Dual-core 880MHz)
5* 1Gbit/s Ethernet ports
USB3 port
SIM card slot
PCI-E slot (internal)
MicroSD card slot with support up to 128GB cards
SATA 3.0 port (optional, internal, it is not soldered in some cases)
2* Antenna 2.4 GHz (in package 5 dBi antennas)
2* Antenna 5 GHz (in package 5 dBi antennas)
2* LTE Antenna


WLAN IEEE802.11 AC/A (MIMO 2×2) in other words maximum speed of the router is up to 866 Mbps on 5GHz
WLAN IEEE802.11 N/G/B (MIMO 2×2) up to 300 Mbps o 2.4 GHz


Original SDK on the first movie
OpenWRT from 18.06 between 19.07.07 (latest stable at the present time of writing this article) to the newest snapshot


  • Connection by WAN Ethernet, WLAN, USB, or LTE QMI PCI-E modem together with failover by mwan3 or through two or multiple tracks,
  • Router as NAS – samba3 share configurable by Luci,
  • OpenVPN – VPN connection to all network,
  • WPS Push Button as the custom command which can be run on the web interface of the router or reset button,
  • Scheduled torrent downloader on the router by the transmission server,
  • Scheduled hosting services downloader on the router by pyload,
  • Firewall,
  • Dynamic DNS – DDNS with many providers like Duck DNS with auto-refresh of a public IP address of the domain from WAN network with redirection to local devices,
  • NAT,
  • F2FS support for flash memory SD cards and USB3 drives,
  • Wake on LAN.


In conclusion, the router was priced at about 80 USD on Aliexpress. I was able to find it at the price of 50 USD on Alibaba. It is cheap for hardware with the possibility of SATA support, miniPCI, and OpenWRT. The Quectel EP06 category 6 modem was priced at about 60 USD as a sample on Alibaba, on Aliexpress it was priced at 80 USD. The maximum theoretical speed is 600 Mb/s of download. My best results are around 120 Mbit/s of download and 20 Mbit/s of upload.