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Empowering Democracy Residents of Milanówek in the Referendum

As a digital agency specializing in website creation, graphics design, and marketing we aim to deliver top-quality services and solutions that bolster democracy and social participation. We pay attention to every detail and provide comprehensive technical and substantive support.

Recently, we collaborated on the Referendum website project in Milanówek, aimed at informing about the city residents’ initiative to dismiss Mayor Piotr Remiszewski. The website is responsive and compatible with various devices.

In this collaboration, we created:

  • Website – Based on the Craft CMS system for easy content management and data updating. The site includes basic information about the referendum’s purpose and process, arguments for recalling the mayor, campaign news, and the organizers’ contact details.
  • Interactive Precinct Map – Displays the location and opening hours of polling stations, helping residents find the nearest premises and check its availability.
  • Anonymous Complaint Form – Allows residents to report instances of pressure, intimidation, or manipulation by the mayor or his supporters. Complaints are automatically forwarded to NGOs monitoring the referendum and responding to irregularities.
  • Animated Counter – Counts down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until voting starts, aiming to raise awareness and public involvement in the referendum.
  • News Section – Includes video materials presenting crucial information and events related to the referendum, including national television reports on the situation in Milanówek and expert opinions.

We utilized advanced technologies and tools such as Craft CMS, Redactor, HTML Purifier, Craft Image Toolbox, Craft Files Autoversioning, SEOMate, Overflow, YouTube API, and Hosting Varnish in our work.

Thanks to our efforts, the website has become the primary source of information and communication for the referendum’s organizers and supporters. We also promoted the referendum using Google Ads and Facebook campaigns that reached potential voters.

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