AI is the artificial intelligence of a computer system that replaces a human. We will compare the AI logo with the human graphic design. Below are logos created by artificial intelligence and a similar work of the artist. Later in the article, we will discuss aspects of both logos. We will refer to the cost, trends, and impact on the future business.

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Similarities of the logo created by AI to the work of human

The example of a graphic can be treated as imitating AI. However, this is not the case, the work of the graphic designer is the first. In both logos, you can see the roof pattern. The dominant colors of both logos are similar. The font of the slogan “Pokochaj nowoczesne wnętrza” is similar. It is impossible to assess it completely because in the AI logo the slogan is written in capital letters. A similar cut was chosen in the tool. That’s where the similarities end. Below are other examples of logos created by artificial intelligence.

Other logos created by AI
Other logos created by AI

It is worth mentioning that in other logos, the colors were not in grayscale as a set. Sometimes they were aggressive. You can see that this may require the work of a graphic designer and the purchase of a larger package with files for editing. So, in order for the logo to meet our expectations, it can be more expensive. It may require further work and time, because we have to change a lot of things, and we will not do them in the editor.

How is the logo created by AI different from a human-made work?

Both logos are seemingly similar. The graphic theme was visible in both cases. The grayscale was chosen and we have the difference, i.e. the second color of the top of the roof with notes of purple and pink. In the logo created by AI, the roof is the letter of the first part of the name. The graphic designer with his creativity showed so two initials of the name. The graphic logo is unique and suggests much more.

A theme of the main product of the company’s activity has been added to the graphic logo. Immediately, after looking at the graphic designer’s logo, the customer can guess the hidden message. Thanks to this, everyone who looks at the logo of the graphic designer knows that he has contact with a company with a niche service or product.

Comparison of an AI-created logo with a man-made logo
Comparison of an AI-created logo with a human-made logo

Costs of both solutions

To get what you get from our interactive agency, you need to buy a minimum package of $ 59. It is crucial to have a logo in a vector version, for example. To add a logo inversion version for a black website theme or graphic. When we buy the BASIC option, we have to reckon with the fact that we will get a low-resolution image. This is what we should avoid.

As for the costs in our agency, the logo was made in the Mini package. The logo fixes itself by the graphic is $40, so with a package of $59. These are the viable minimum options for a new business, which gives you a cost of $109. Both amounts are similar. You will not get a few logo designs as in our agency at every stage of corrections, and we are very flexible. And didn’t the previously visible logo created by AI require a significant facelift?

Price list of the service creating the logo with artificial intelligence
Price list of the service creating the logo with artificial intelligence

Compliance with the trends of both solutions

Let’s focus on fonts. In the logo created by AI, we have very typical cuts visible. Our logo has a unique inscription of the company’s name. The letters of the name are written in capital letters with the enlargement of the first characters. This is another thing that makes the whole logo look unique. It is worth mentioning the discussed issue of the logo icon, which is better and similar to the logo inscription. This is the logo with AI without corrections is not visible.

In the same way, the font of the slogan may be similar, but it looks better to write the first letter as large. The rest of the text written in lowercase letters looks better. We are afraid that the logo created by artificial intelligence would not be suitable for a new company without many corrections. It would require finishing the logo with a minimum of several rounds of corrections, i.e. a minimum fee of $ 109. And probably, another 3 rounds of amendments would be needed, i.e. another $ 40. That ends up at $149.

Comparison of the appearance of the AI logo with the work of man
Comparison of the appearance of the AI logo with the work of a human

Is it worth entrusting artificial intelligence with our future logo?

As you can see, the logo that is created by AI is simply more expensive and the final effect will be much worse. An experienced graphic designer will do it better. The logo created by AI is a good choice, e.g. for a student teaching for the exams. But does he need his logo? The logo will be much less unique than made in our agency. However, we can use such services if we run a small business on Facebook earning a few dollars a month. And we don’t know anyone who will make us a cheap logo. Then let’s choose only the BASIC package for $ 29.

It will be a very unprofessional choice for a person conducting an additional occupation. If the business grows, the logo will need to be replaced by another one. However, we also apply huge discounts in special circumstances. Modern and serious companies must stand out and their logo must be professional. It is in our analysis that excludes such services, so let’s encourage you to contact us and write to us to create a beautiful realization.