Graphic card working with HP 8470p laptop on Express Card slot. It was connected by EXP GDC riser. Below are shown configuration screens from GPU-Z and AIDA64.

The eGPU card was installed in an old ATX enclosure with Chieftec 560W power supply and was connected to a 1920×1200 22′ Samsung Monitor. The card in stress has 80 degrees Celcius.

IMG 20201016 092110 1
Photo of build with enclosure and laptop

When I turn on the laptop I have disconnected the ExpressCard slot and turned off Power Supply. Next on boot, I’m selecting an automated startup in setup and turning on PSU, and next connect the ExpressCard slot. I have installed the newest available Adrenalin drivers. 

The build is working with the nando4eva eGPU setup and DSDT modification for HP 8470p. I used BIOS revision F.74.